With these products, you make the look

It’s so easy to recreate Victoria’s Secret looks

The Victoria’s Secret make-up of the models looks more complicated than it is. The the secret of her attractive appearance it’s really fair: sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. Like all of you Shine is it attractive? We reveal it here.

1. Create a good base

one healthy, pure, radiant and plump skin is the most important foundation for a beautiful appearance models. A Vitamin C serum with hyaluronic acid, applied to the skin of the face every evening after cleansing, increases collagen production, moisturizes and stimulates cell renewal. So, it not only provides an even tone to the wrinkle-free skin, it is also clean. Because vitamin C never removes impurities! This hammer maintenance is supported by a Rosenwasserspray, because the 100% natural product cleanses the skin by reducing pores and treating acne with an antiseptic. Surprise! Wow. This well-groomed skin also wears one Tonal cream with “anti-oil” effect better – and nothing crumbles or dry spots appear anymore. The perfect base has been created!

From left:

1. Vitamin C serum for about 20 euros HERE shopping

2. A rose water spray for around €13 HERE take it

3. Proven Revlon Makeup Foundation for about €9 HERE shopping

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