Winter fragrances for women: These 54 fragrances are especially popular in 2022

Does it seem as if the same fragrances are always advertised in the perfume industry? However, you are wrong in this assumption. Over a thousand new creations are released each year. At the beginning of the year there were about 600 New fragrances. Are you also ready for a fragrance that perfectly matches the winter temperatures? Then you should not miss this list of 54 perfumes for 2022.

These new fragrances will be available in 2022:

New perfumes 2022: valid all year round

Let’s start with the absolute notes that fragrance aficionados like myself have been looking forward to this year, whether because of the announced fragrance or the exquisitely designed bottles:

Refreshing sea breeze with the scent of coconut. picture: PR / Puig

1. La Belle Fleur Terrible by Jean-Paul Gaultier, EdP

Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of Gaultier perfumes, but the bottle design hits the mark for me. After all, everyone knows the bottles from the trunks of both women and men. The latest fragrance also adheres to this and gives us Parrot ornaments and flowers Indication of smell: strange watery.

Without a doubt, this fragrance should also accompany us during the summer of 2023 and it already takes us to the summer vacation in the tropics with ginger, bergamot, coconut, rose, iris, vanilla, almond and ylang-ylang. who up Fruity and aquatic floral scents You should definitely try La Belle Fleur Terrible.

  • Bryce: from 126 euros for 100 ml
  • Kaufen: Douglas 🛒
New fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez to touch her
If you love it lovably, you should smell the new fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez. picture: PR / Shiseido

2. For Her Musc Noir Rose von Narciso Rodriguez, EdP

Narciso For Her is a true classic and Noir Rose wants to build on it. They succeed with the lovely heavenly notes of bergamot, pink pepper, plum, musk, rose, and vanilla. Come here Especially rose and plum To take advantage of the sweet drink with fruits.

Smell all day long too Suitable all year round And it comes not only to me, but also to many perfume lovers on Perfume very good.

Nomad Natural aus 2022 von Chloé
Nomade Naturelle also takes a natural approach to manufacturing. picture: PR / Coty

3. Natural Nomad von Chloé, EdP

renal I always like to credit my articles as elegant office perfumes because they smell unobtrusive, fresh, and floral. But don’t get too fancy. Nomade has already taken a different path in 2018 and the “natural alternative” from 2022 still holds true.

Bedouins must Smells from all over the world It is therefore ideal for backpackers: with bergamot, plum, Egyptian jasmine, dates, vanilla and sandalwood, it transports us to another adventurous beach holiday.

also goes renal With Nomade Naturelle also a step into the future, because everyone Ingredients of natural origin And at least some recycled materials were used for the packaging.

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List of new fragrances from 2022

The list is not short, at Perfume Become 532 new perfumes (for women and unisex) from 2022 listed. Too much and too confusing. I’ve combed through an almost endless list of new fragrances and The most exciting celebrity and designer fragrances to choose:

  1. 4711: Acqua Colonia Starfruit & White Flowers = Citrus-Fruity Eau de Cologne Perfect for spring and summer
  2. Britney SpearsBlissful Fantasy = A fragrance with white flowers and watermelon
  3. bvlgari: Le Gemme Orom = A warm oud fragrance for the evening
  4. bvlgari: Baciami = A winter scent with amber, vanilla and gardenia
  5. bvlgari: Spettacolore = Iris, Myrrh & Amber all day long
  6. bvlgari: magnifying myrrh = white myrrh and amber day and night
  7. Cacharel: Yes I Am Delicious = A warm and gourmand fragrance from Yes me-Row
  8. Calvin Klein: CK One Summer Daze = A refreshing green fragrance with notes of orange, tea, mint, and musk
  9. Calvin KleinEternity Summer Daze for Women = A fruity-floral fragrance for summer
  10. Carolina Herrera: CH is hot! hot! hot! Her = a sweet, fruity fragrance all year long with grapefruit, raspberry, coconut, vanilla, and sandalwood
  11. Carolina Herrera: Good Girl Glam = Kirsch-Variante des Bestsellers Good Girl
  12. renalNomade Naturelle = Sweet floral fragrance of 100% natural origin
  13. Chopard: Iris Malika = Iris woody fruity evening fragrance
  14. Chopard: Happy Magnolia Bliss = A floral and fruity daytime fragrance
  15. Dolce GabbanaLight Blue Italian Love = Summer Woody Musk
  16. Dolce Gabbana: Dolce Lily = Tropical Citrus Perfume for Summer 2022
  17. Donna Karan: DKNY Be Delicious Guava Goddess = A woody, citrusy summer fragrance
  18. Donna Karan: DKNY Be 100% Delicious = A fruity-woody fragrance for spring and summer
  19. Elie Saab: Girl of Now Lovely = an almond variation of the popular Girl of Now fragrance
  20. Estee LauderBeautiful Magnolia Intense = An intense version of Beautiful Magnolia with iris and sage notes
  21. Estee LauderBronze Goddess Nuit = A refreshing, sweet summer fragrance with notes of coconut, jasmine, bergamot, and tonka bean
  22. Giorgio Armani: Sì Passione Éclat = another version of Sì-Duft mit Rose im Fokus
  23. Gucci Guilty: Intense Pour Femme = An intense version of Gucci Guilty
  24. Guerlain: wonderful seasoning = Würziger, unisex is back
  25. Guerlain: La Petite Robe Noire Rose Rose Rose = Rosige Abwandlung von La Petite Robe Noir
  26. GuerlainAqua Allegoria Nerolia Vetiver = A new summer eau de toilette with notes of orange and vetiver
  27. Hugo BossAlive Intense = An intense, fruity-sweet version of Alive
  28. Issey Miyake: L’Eau d’Issey Eau & Magnolia = An elegant floral twist on L’eau d’Issey with an emphasis on magnolia
  29. Jean Paul Gaultier: La Belle Fleur Terrible = Sweet Floral Limited Edition for 2022
  30. Jo Malone: Sea Daffodil = A unisex limited edition fragrance with notes of mandarin, ylang-ylang and sandalwood
  31. Jo Malone: Bitter Mandarin = A limited edition summer fragrance for women and men
  32. Jo Malone: Camomile Moonlight = a unisex fragrance with notes of chamomile, musk and floral notes
  33. Kenzo: Memori Ciel Magnolia = A light fragrance with notes of magnolia, white musk and sandalwood
  34. KenzoMemori Cèdre Secret = Summer fragrance with orange blossom, cedar and tonka bean
  35. Kenzo: Memori Coeur Azuki = A light fragrance with azuki beans, currant buds, cedar and vanilla
  36. Kenzo: Memori Nuit Tatami = Light fragrance with notes of rice straw, pink pepper, amber, and vanilla
  37. Kenzo: Memori Poudre Matcha = Light fragrance with mate tea, rose, vanilla and musk
  38. Kenzo: Memori Rêve Lotus = A summer fragrance with notes of lotus, mimosa, musk, sandalwood, and ambroxan
  39. Kenzo: Memori Soleil Thé = Summer fragrance with ginseng, iris and white musk
  40. Lacoste: L.12.12 Rose Eau Fraîche = New fragrance from the L.12.12 collection with blood orange, grapefruit, currants, pink pepper, cinnamon and cedarwood
  41. Lancome: Oui La Vie Est Belle = New bestseller La vie est belle with raspberry, bergamot, ylang-ylang, iris and patchouli
  42. Lancome: La Nuit Trésor Intense = limited edition classic Trésor with Daszener rose, black cherry and almond milk
  43. Marc Jacobs: Daisy Skies = a limited edition Daisy fragrance with fresh aquatic notes
  44. Marc Jacobs: Daisy Love Skies = A sweet floral fragrance from the Daisy collection
  45. Marc Jacobs: Daisy Eau So Fresh Skies = A new eau de toilette with fresh floral notes from the Daisy collection
  46. Narciso Rodriguez: For Her Musc Noir Rose = A new musky fragrance from the For Her collection
  47. Nina Richie: Nina Soleil = A limited edition fragrance with tangerine, cream, gardenia, vanilla and cedarwood
  48. Paco Rabanne: Olympéa Solar = A new fragrance for Olympia with yellow flowers and fruits
  49. Paris HiltonRuby Rush = evening fragrance with cherry, hibiscus nectar, cream, raspberry blossom, dali, sandalwood, musk and vanilla
  50. Shiseido: Ginza Murasaki = a sweet floral fragrance with notes of tenderness, apple, jasmine, freesia, sandalwood, and patchouli
  51. Valentino: Born in Rome Coral Fantasy = a new fragrance for Born in Rome as a sparkling summery variation
  52. Yves Saint Laurent: Black Opium Illic Green = New Opium fragrance with pear, mandarin, jasmine, fig, coffee, vanilla and patchouli
  53. Zadig and Voltaire: This is her! Vibes of Freedom = A sweet floral women’s fragrance with rose cream, pear, jasmine, and macaron
  54. Zadig and Voltaire: this is us! L’Eau for All = a limited-edition unisex fragrance with a refreshing green citrus scent

Many designers are back again this year New releases of their most popular fragranceshow Marc Jacobs With three new Daisy fragrances or Yves Saint Laurent Black opium sends green there. Kenzo In the meantime, she released a whole line of gorgeous daytime fragrances, featuring seven Memori fragrances inspired by Kenzo’s childhood.

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