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human or machine? The answer to the question of who will do most of the work in the future is: both. Especially in critical fields such as medicine or creative work, despite all the technological progress and ever-improving artificial intelligence (AI), humans will still be needed in the future, at least to drive, feed it data, or control it.

With standardized processes, for example, in the office, everything is different. More and more tasks are now completed automatically, and millions of people around the world use intelligent software such as Microsoft Office applications. Purpose: to make your daily work easier or free up time for demanding projects. As a result, they also rely on AI-based applications – sometimes without realizing it.

Email in Outlook, automatic correction when writing texts in Word or automatic adjustment of materials for an attractive design of PowerPoint slides: Even these elementary functions are based on artificial intelligence in the background of the software, which makes working in the program easier. office or horse to make your home more productive

AI is more complex, but more effective

But as an example, it can be more complicated shows. The startup from Saarbrücken has developed deep OCR (“optical character recognition”) to process and analyze documents thousands of times quickly, easily and automatically. The spin-off of the German Center for Artificial Intelligence Research (DFKI) is based on an automatic and self-learning text recognition platform that can process documents 30-60 times faster than conventional technologies.

Founder and managing director Johannes Korves talks about not only speed when it comes to document automation, but above all the significant freedom of millions of professionals in companies from the innovative technology (see interview below).

An anecdote from Korves’ previous work at a large online eyewear store shows that this is still a huge problem for many companies in Germany: “With more and more orders, especially in the warehouse, the staff hardly had a problem. comparison of invoice and delivery note.” Thanks to’s AI, there is now a solution for this.

Multiple points of contact for greater confidence

In an era of ever-increasing shortage of skilled workers, AI-based applications can help companies use existing staff more efficiently and increase productivity. Provided that not only companies, but above all their employees accept the technology and have the necessary trust in it. “I believe acceptance always comes when you build trust,” says Korves, founder of “And that, in turn, happens when you have as many points of contact with technology as possible.”

It is these touch points that exist on a large and small scale, in companies as well as privately: robots in industry, chatbots for customer advice when shopping online, image recognition on a smartphone, lane assistant on a new SUV or Google search via Siri or Alexa. . Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, and it can put people at ease – and above all, companies.

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