TheBeauty2Go launches two new fragrances!

TheBeauty2Go perfume / Photo: Instagram

After TheBeauty2Go’s Lovely Notes was well received by fans, she has now created two new fragrances. The two new fragrances are called Blooming Notes and Golden Notes! While Blooming Notes smells like a summer flower garden, Golden Notes smells like fresh coconut and vanilla! Perfect for summer. The price of the perfume is 4.95 euros, which is cheaper than her first perfume last year!


After Shirin David perfume and the four Diana smells of a lion YouTuber TheBeauty2Go is now launching her own fragrance. The scent is floral but also fruity. The strongest fragrance smells of cassis and mandarin. In addition, it smells of roses, wild berries, cranberries, vanilla, woods and musks. Looks delicious. The fragrance from TheBeauty2Go was created with the company O-Twist and is called Lovely Notes.

The price of the perfume is 5.99 euros!

TheBeauty2Go fragrance is now available at DM Pharmacy and soon at Rossmann. Super cool costs €5.99 for 15ml and is therefore an absolute bargain. We’re very curious about how the scent will turn out and we think the pink packaging with a spinning top is really cool. Unfortunately, the fragrance is not yet available in Austria and Switzerland, but TheBeauty2Go already has plans to launch the fragrance in Austria soon. already read? Zoella Beauty is now available from Rossmann!

The first thing I have…

Today I can finally tell you what I’ve been working on for the past few months!! I hope you like it as much as I do! My last 2 videos: LOOK AT MY INSTAGRAM: 10 Sumer Pharmacy products under 5 euros: =U&video_id= 1IEyq-sQDLY ———————————————————————— Subscribe to my channel for free: Also love watching on my VLOG channel!

Beauty2Go by O-Twist is called Lovely Notes
TheBeauty2Go fragrance by O-Twist is called Lovely Notes / Photo: Instagram

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