the scourge of orchard-destroying stink bugs

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A. Delcourt, C. Chabaud, T. Toujas – France 2

French Televisions

Orchards in France are facing an invasion of bed bugs. An invasive species from Asia called the stink bug is wreaking havoc on fruit and vegetable producers, even this year.

For three years, Philippe Julien has been encountering the invasive species on his kiwi farm in Pont-Saint-Esprit (Gard). Stink bugs have invaded his fruit trees, as evidenced by his trap. “The day I posted, the next day was 150, today it’s 3000”, regrets the arborist. They came from Asia ten years ago, they drive all over France and bite fruit. “In [du fruit, ndlr]dead, dry cells that make the fruit unfit for consumption,” a producer testifies his namewho lost 40% production.

A predator under study

Stink bugs wreak havoc on orchards and are a nuisance to individuals. Houses in Pont-Saint-Esprit are regularly occupied. “There are many facades everywhere, in the garage […] It smells like you want to hold them or touch them.”the resident testifies. To limit the damage, scientists are studying the Japanese bee, a predator that attacks these insects. But his arrival in France still raises questions.

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