The fashion police squad in the test. Fashion criminals are shot Doom-style

Fun, humorous, challenging. A very successful Doom style shooter with a good dose of madness.

We all know them. The people who dare to go out in public in tennis socks and sandals. The supposedly cool guys whose pants almost hang down to their knees. Or the businessmen in their boring gray suits. Now you can shoot a whole bunch of them. But not in the way you think, far from it. Rather, you’re there to fight the city’s worst crimes; Welcome to Fashion Police Squad!

In terms of gameplay, it’s just as crazy as it sounds at first. But it’s fun. Seriously, if you don’t let the premise scare you off, you’re in for a classic first-person shooter in the vein of id Software’s timeless classic Doom. However, first you have to get over a very quiet start.

Who wears it?

It also has something in common with Doom in that the classic starts off fairly manageable before becoming more demanding later on. It’s the same in Fashion Police Squad. you’re introduced slowly at first, and later on the game at the same time unleashes more enemies for you to deal with. It’s no longer a cake walk.

Fashion Police Squad requires the right weapon.
Each opponent needs a special weapon that you use to defeat them.

Unlike Doom, however, you can’t attack every single one of your opponents with every weapon. Different fashionistas require different weapons and gadgets. That’s it after all to die Challenge battles. You should carefully monitor who you are dealing with and switch to the most appropriate methods for that. Then your opponents will not lie on the ground bloodied or torn to pieces, but will be happy that you have given them new clothes.

As I said, especially in the beginning, everything seems rather monotonous. You only have one weapon and relatively few enemies appear on the streets. But that changes quickly if you just hang around a little longer. And it’s worth it. Instead of health and armor, there are cocktails and swag you pick up. You can also charge your primary weapon to deal more damage temporarily.

The sock boy in Fashion Police Squad.
Sock Gnome picks up tourists and their sandals.

Keep everything under control

And watch out when you gather enough energy for your special attack. If you activate it, Spa Des, the main character, opens a gauntlet, teleports from one target enemy to another, and silences him by hitting him in the face with the target gauntlet. Wonderful! Especially effective with larger groups, so don’t use it lightly. Elsewhere you use your Belt of Justice, yes, that’s what it’s called, as a whip or to swing from flagpole to flagpole. Sock gnomes, meanwhile, are small, aggressive garden gnomes that make short work of sock-clad tourists.

One of the uses of the whip in Fasion Police Squad is to swing it.
With the whip, you swing around the area, among other things.

You already understand that you should not make the mistake of taking all this seriously. Not a second. On the one hand, Fashion Police Squad draws its appeal from humor, but on the other hand, above all, from its fights, which really only start after a little warm-up. It may not seem like it at first, but it becomes really difficult to avoid all the flying projectiles while choosing the right weapon to fight the enemies. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the Fashion Police Squad like this, or you’ll be ruined in no time. Of course, stronger boss opponents should not be missing either.

Fashion Police Squad – Conclusion:

Yes, Fashion Police Squad definitely does not revolutionize anything in its genre. But it’s fun, and that’s the most important thing, right? It’s crazy, fun and challenging at the same time. All in all, a good combo for anyone who would like a shooter à la Doom, but which comes with a lot of frills and swag. In fact, the developers can only be commended for not relying on the bleak scenario they like, but deliberately going down a crazier and more colorful route. It also remains in my memory. In the end, the hard work paid off, and if you’re looking for a well-made retro shooter, check this out.

Fashion Police Squad Rating: 8/10

Fashion Police Squad – Pro and Contra:


  • Fluid, challenging gameplay
  • Crazy homage to Doom
  • Humor is not neglected
  • Swag


The developer. Mopeful Games – Publisher:No more robots – Platforms. Xbox Series X/S (gettest), PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One – Issue: 08/15/2022 (RA), 02/02/2023 (Panel) – Genre: Ego-Shooter – Price (RRP). €16.79 (PC, Switch), €16.99 (PlayStation), €19.99 (Xbox)

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