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By Sylvia Eschbach, July 23, 2015

Strong men like Clint Eastwood love fragrances that are pungent and fresh. (

I recently received a mail from a male reader of my blog. Christian wrote to me:

“I stormed into the men’s fragrance section at Kloten Duty Free again, and as usual, I had a bad feeling. Only this time I tried to analyze it. So: We try to buy organic cheese from indigenous mountain farmers. We find out.” 20 different types of beer Micro and micro breweries. We choose the clothing label carefully and I order my notebook online from a small factory in South Wales. Just when it comes to men’s fragrances, I usually buy from two or three big companies. Completely ignorant and uncreative. Maybe I’m just such an idiot perfume tube, Very possible. But this is where my wish for the blog writer comes from. You can’t do some Small, original, stylish, independent manufacturers perfumes, eau de toilette, etc including addresses of supply? It would really help guys like me (who are reluctant to enter a perfume shop anyway).”

Dear Christian, your wish is my wish, Because it’s not the first time my male colleagues and friends have approached me for niche fragrance advice. Just like women, men have it too the desire for individual scents, Which they may not always wear but every now and then. Or it could be a change from everyday perfume or eau de toilette.

After consulting with fellow blogger Steffi Hidber (Hey pretty), a connoisseur of beauty and perfumes, here are some addresses of manufacturers and stores that have specialized in very special men’s perfumes, among other things. By the way, experts are of the opinion that mass-produced perfumes are generally outdated. The trend towards the new and Imaginative creations in miniature versions Through small, independent fragrance labels that work primarily with natural essences.

Recommended brands and shops:

For the love of fragrance
Clear web store with a large selection of specialty fragrances.

beauty stature
Even the most demanding men will find an individual fragrance here.

A small selection of classic men’s fragrances, including the cult fragrance Knize Ten.

Frederick Malle
Frédéric Malle is a perfume publisher who has created his own version: Island Bliss in an abundance of random fragrances.

Artisan apothecary
Anyone who loves natural gems will find what they are looking for here. An aromatic paradise for women too.

and Labo
In the style of an old apothecary, the perfumed water is sold here in vintage garb.

M. Micallef
Martine Micallef fills her perfumes in hand-decorated bottles.

to violets
An Italian online store featuring many specialized brands at low prices.

If you prefer personal advice, we recommend the following shops:

duskZurich: A convenience store in Niederdorf, where women and men looking for an exclusive, not-so-smelling scent will find what they’re looking for.

Sahlinga German brand with counters in Jelmoli and Globus: Individually compiled from the capitals of this world.

OswaldZurich: A large selection of lesser-known brands. Here the man loses his fear of the unknown. Very good advice from a friendly staff.

Perfume whistlingBasel and Lucerne: great selection in a nice atmosphere.

The ultimate perfume guide:

Paperback perfumes

If you want to deal with the subject of perfumes more extensively, you should read the book as per Luca Turin, the most important and harshest critic of perfumes. In 2008 it was first published “Perfumes. The guide from A to Z » Reviews over 1500 perfumes for women and men. As a biochemist, Turin approached the phenomenon of fragrance from a scientific point of view and developed a new theory of smell.

Here are the top 10 best perfumes for men by Luca Turin, not all niche fragrances by the way:

Azzaro for men (Azzaro)
Derby (Guerlain)
Guerlain water (Guerlain)
Habit Rouge (Guerlain)
The tenth book (book)
New York (Nicolai Perfumes)
Ormonde Men (Ormonde Jayne)
About Mr. Chanel
Sycomore (Chanel)
Timbuktu (artisan perfumer)

And now, dear Christian, Just a little courage and always follow your nose!

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