Tesla Introduces New Model S Plaid (Video)

of course since the semi and roadster incident one is always disappointed because
now everyone is waiting for something like this..
Still, the Model S plaid is amazing, a new dimension…get it
still, at least…
it’s the exact opposite of what everyone thinks…the Tesla is so fast, it had to brake,
The time is not yet ripe for Plaid+…there is such a machine market
not ready yet…
Even with a P100D, some were overwhelmed because of these e-services
it’s incredible…
But don’t worry, the rectangular base is becoming fashionable anyway
to cast a shadow,..that there is no need for more yet,..
why should Tesla’s trump cards be 100%
play, there is not the slightest reason for this, it is hidden
The message behind it,…Tesla is the benchmark and will remain,…everything now,
what does it do,..why,…it’s not necessary,..
And Musk knows that no one needs more than 600 km
already said 5 years ago and reload 300km in 15 minutes, whatever you want
more,..and there is still beautiful in development
Backup (4680 battery cells, SuC-V4 with 350KW etc),…perfect,..

About the new Model S Plaid technology,..
Improved battery architecture for faster charging, better cooling and…
300Km is charged in 15 minutes, .. in principle it will be a tank time, ..
Crush everything to dust in the 1000km test…we bet…
then without the new high-tech graphite motors that spin up to 20,000 rpm
Performance loss, .. during test drives, like Plaid brute and equal
pulls up,..like a jet plane,..madness,..
the supercomputer distributes 1020 horsepower to these 3 high-end engines
Accurate to the millisecond,..a dream,..
plus new security architecture,… plus best Cw value ever,… plus clearance
for full bikes on the back,..no more possible,..

“Faster than any Porsche and safer than any Volvo,..in one car,..unbelievable,
this is the best car tesla has ever made,..you have to experience it,
to believe…”..E.Musk,..

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