Shop of the Day Spring 2023: Green Change Premiere in Austria

The GreenChange store occupies a 25 m² space in the Kutsam fashion store in Saint Valentine. Lana and Eve in Paradise labels participate in the concept for the first time.

The first step outside Germany. The Bielefeld buyer association EK Servicegroup implemented the fair fashion multi-label “Green Change” concept for the first time in one of its trading partners in Austria.

Saint Valentine’s Kutsam fashion house will allocate 25 m² of its 1000 m² store to various eco-suppliers in the future. CEOs Christian Kutzam and his son Johannes Behr-Kutzam were excited about the concept at the previous EK Fashion Order Days in Salzburg and spontaneously decided to implement it.

“Going green is a real win-win situation for everyone involved. It’s right for sustainability to be visible in the fashion industry,” say retailers. Together, father and son manage the fortunes of the family business, which has been trading for over 60 years in five women’s and men’s fashion houses in Upper and Lower Austria.

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EK Servicegroup extends the concept of fair fashion

GreenChange starts in the laundry areas

The idea has been around for a long time, and now it is being implemented. EK Servicegroup also carries laundry in the GreenChange model, a multi-label space concept for fair fashion.

The green change areas are individually furnished to match the appropriate range of the house. Feuervogl, Alma & Lovis and Greenbomb, hardware brand Io Nova and, for the first time, womenswear brands Lana and Eve in Paradise will be presented at Kutsam fashion house using the proven modular concept of a honeycomb cardboard product carrier that. developed with the agency Blaupause from Großwallstadt and developed by the company Kohlschein from Viersen. The space is located on the mezzanine level, directly adjacent to the modern women’s department.

There are currently four areas of GreenChange Fashion: the May Fashion store in Waldshut-Tiengen, the Sämann department store in Vaihingen and the Woha Drexel department store in Crailsheim and Schwäbisch Hall. Besides, the buyers’ association also wants to start this year with clean laundry areas. At the end of 2020, EK Fashion launched a sustainability platform together with interested retail partners and suppliers and wants to act as an intermediary to give fair fashion labels a greater presence in mainstream retail and facilitate the entry of new retailers. eco-suppliers.

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The EK Servicegroup concept expands the supplier portfolio

GreenChange area for the first time in a retailer’s CI

EK Servicegroup has implemented the fairer fashion sectors of its GreenChange concept with some innovations.

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