Queen Maxima. does she have a new favorite look?

Queen Maxima
Is this your new favorite look?

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Royal characters of the day in the GALA showroom. Does Queen Máxima have a new favorite look? King Abdullah’s nephew, Talal Al-Saleh, announces the engagement and his chosen one dazzles in a feathered gown.

Royal touching looks at the GALA.

November 26, 2022

Queen Maxima shows off her new favorite piece

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands’ clothing style differs from Letizia, Kate and Co as she often uses bright colors and two-piece suits with trousers. Now the queen has shown herself twice in a row with a new trendy piece, a cloak.

Queen Maxima.  Is this her new favorite look?

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A few days ago, he was wearing a red cloak during a meeting in The Hague. At a concert in Amsterdam last night, she wore a black cape, which she paired with shiny trousers and plain trousers. the look suits him perfectly; so it shouldn’t be the last time she chooses a cape as a key piece.

November 25, 2022

King Abdullah’s nephew announces engagement

In the Jordanian royal family, events are happening in quick succession. A wedding has been announced following the happy news of the engagement of Queen Ranias, 52, and King Abdullah, 60, son Prince Hussein, 28, and their daughter Princess Iman, 26. Bells are ringing for Abdullah’s nephew, Talal Al-Saleh. he and his girlfriend Dana are getting married. Talal Al-Saleh’s mother, 66-year-old Alia bint Al Hussein, sister of King Abdullah, posted a photo of the couple on her Instagram page.

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In addition to happy faces, Dana’s glamorous dress can also be seen in the photo. It is an asymmetric mini dress with feather appliqués on the hemline. In accordance with the occasion, the bride wears white. Her hair is placed straight over her shoulders and a sparkling necklace adorns the bride-to-be’s neck.

November 24, 2022

Amelia and Eliza Spencer. The look of the royal family is so sexy

What do the royals actually wear when they go out partying? Dresses and plunging necklines, at least according to Amelia and Eliza Spencer. Lady Diana’s two nieces are guests at Jimmy Choo’s ‘Claridge’s Christmas Tree 2022 Party’ and prove that aristocrats also like to wear sexy glam dresses to party in London.

Amelia and Eliza Spencer as a modern-day golden mary and a failed married couple.

Amelia and Eliza Spencer as a modern-day golden mary and a failed married couple.

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Amelia’s outfit in particular is the epitome of classic party. The 30-year-old wears a plunging neckline and long sleeves in a tight black mini dress, which is embellished with dark collars. In addition, she styles open black heels. Her twin sister, Eliza, provided the perfect contrast and sparkled in a white sequined Nadine Merabi gown with sheer sleeves to rival Amelia’s. Silver pumps with rhinestone straps complete her look.

Flora Westerberg is also completely black.

Flora Westerberg is also completely black.

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Flora Westerberg, who also attended the party, went a little more low-key, dressed in black suede pumps by host Jimmy Choo, a black blouse and floral embroidered midi skirt.

November 22, 2022

Alina-Maria from Romania. They could have inspired Kate and Meghan for the look

Party with Alina-Maria from Romania. The wife of Romanian Nicolas, 37, was pictured alongside her husband at the celebration in Bucharest, styling all sorts of glittery jewelery in the form of sparkly earrings and a matching necklace. The highlight of her look, however, is the skin-tight dress with off-the-shoulder white detailing.

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Isn’t that like… That’s right, Catherine’s Roland Mouret dress from Top Gun. Maverick” to premiere in Europe in May 2022. Clearly, the Kate effect is taking hold, as is the royal family. For many women, the Princess of Wales is a great style icon, and this beautiful dress makes that clear. the ladies of other aristocratic houses are also slightly inspired by the British. However, Alina-Maria is not the only one. Duchess Meghan has already worn a Gabriela Hearst-like two-tone look reminiscent of both Kate’s and the Romanian’s dress. However, the black and white dress also looks great on the 34-year-old.

Catherine in her black and white Roland Mouret dress.

Catherine in her black and white Roland Mouret dress.

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November 21, 2022

Princess Victoria in a summer dress in Kenya

At first glance, one may be surprised by the 45-year-old summer look of Princess Victoria, but the crown princess is a guest in Kenya, where it is currently a pleasant 23 degrees. For a meeting with the Swedish ambassador in Nairobi, the 45-year-old girl chose a blue maxi dress with a white floral print. It is held in the waist with a light cloth belt.

Princess Victoria arrives in Kenya

Princess Victoria arrives in Kenya

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Victoria pairs it with a white blazer and navy blue sandals with high heels. She tied her hair back in a tight bun, as she usually does during formal meetings. She does without fancy jewelry and wears only a gold chain and small hoop earrings. She wears her beautiful accessory on her face, her bright smile.

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