Pure glamour: the best holiday looks

With its rich festivities and festivals, the Christmas season offers enough reason to do the perfect makeup styles. As soon as the first glimmers of holiday lights appear on the streets, it’s time to rummage through your makeup drawer again for treasures. The following applies: You can once again bathe in glitz and glamour. A lot can happen on December 24, especially in the eyes or lips. With the right accessories, the look can be achieved even at the last minute.

Black lip risk

Lipstick is the easiest product imaginable to add the right finishing touch to a glamorous outfit. Make sure the lips are exfoliated (i.e. free of dead skin cells), otherwise the result will be patchy. Treat sensitive skin before a sexy bad lip service. It prevents dryness and improves the appearance of chapped lips caused by cold and hot weather. Then prepare the lips for a kiss with a lip pencil. Then trace your mouth with the lipstick of your choice. Dark red or berry tones are especially festive. If you have small lips, line your mouth with lip liner outside the actual contour. It optically deceives a little fullness.

Big fanfare in the eyes

Anyone who doesn’t want to make friends with lipstick (or fears it will only stick to a champagne bottle) can just reach for eyeshadow. Anything you like is allowed here – or whatever goes with the outfit. Little black dress has no limits, you can use all imaginable nuances for it. A foundation should be applied to prevent eye makeup from smudging. If you don’t have a high-quality product on hand, use a little powder or foundation to neutralize the oil on the eyelid. Then the eyeshadow lasts until the next morning.

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