Police warn of ‘relatively unknown’ scam in payment fraud

Paying with a bank card via smartphone is becoming more and more popular. Now the police are warning about a relatively unknown scam. So far, it has caused a total loss of 100 thousand euros.

to die Bavarian police warns of “still relatively unknown” fraud when paying with a smartphone. The cybercrime unit of the criminal police of Traunstein in Upper Bavaria is currently investigating 13 cases with a total of €100,000 in damage.

Fraudsters use a combination of phishing websites and phone calls to obtain citizens’ banking information. With this they create one a digital clone of a credit card and thus can pay through their own smartphone to the victim’s account.

Pay with your smartphone

It has been possible to pay with a smartphone for several years using Apple Pay or Google Pay. A digital version of the bank card is created, which is stored on the mobile phone and used for payment. This function can be quickly adjusted. you enter your bank details and have to confirm them with push TAN. However, fraudsters use this simple process with the help of a digital clone of the credit card and thus can pay with money from other accounts.

This is how the scam works

The exact trick works like this: Citizens become the end phishing sites prompted them enter your bank details. If this information is entered, fraudsters only need a “Push TAN” to activate the digital credit card.

They usually call victims the next day and pretend to be bank employees. Victims are asked to identify scammers call Push TAN, which they receive during the conversation. If fraudsters have this information, they can use the victim’s digital credit card to make a payment. Then they need neither a physical card nor a PIN, but a smartphone PIN, fingerprint or Face ID to pay.

How do you protect yourself from this scam?

The Bavarian police offer the following tips to protect yourself from fraud:

  • Online banking only Immediately through the official web address call the bank and do not search through the search engine.
  • Links in emailswhich are supposed to come from the bank, no press and: Do not enter any bank details.
  • Sensitive data never on the phone Discover that real bank employees never ask for TAN or PIN numbers.
  • Check out what’s in online banking Devices and: Bank cards entered for the account are
  • If in doubt, always contact your own bank.

Anyone who notices an unauthorized debit to an account should immediately to die Bank and then, police to inform

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