Perfume “Libre” drops sharply in price

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Yves Saint Laurent: The price of “Libre” has dropped sharply

Perfume “Libre” by Yves Saint Laurent is currently available at the highest price.

Yves Saint Laurent

When the price of a fragrance is suddenly reduced in several online stores, fragrance lovers sit back and note: Is the fragrance discontinued? Will the fragrance be reformulated? This is exactly the question that many modern fragrance lovers ask themselves “Liber” and his successor Free Intense by Yves Saint Laurent. Vanilla Blasts is currently nearly 40 percent off. We reveal why it is worthwhile to strike now.

Yvez Saint Laurent “Libre” and “Libre Intense”: this is what perfumes can do

Perfume promotional drum {window.dataLayer.push({event: ‘link_click’, link_type: ‘extern’, link_url: ‘’})})()”>”Libre” von Yves Saint Laurent*She was hit with a loud bang in 2019. With Dua Lipa, the luxury fashion house brought on board a superstar from today’s generation. She is the advertising face of the fragrances “Libre” and “Libre Intense”, which appeared shortly thereafter. Looks sinister on advertising posters – does the scent really smell sexy?

Yes, the notes of the fragrance speak for themselves: at the top we have floral and fruity notes with orange blossom and mandarin, and shortly afterwards the heart note wakes up with exquisite lavender. The finale is noble Madagascar vanilla. The scent is rich. The price is also steep: a 30ml bottle comes at €41.95 instead of €65.

  • top note: orange blossom, mandarin
  • HerznotNotes: Moroccan orange blossom, lavender, jasmine absolute
  • BasisNotes: Madagascar vanilla, amber, cedar, musk

“Libre Intense” by Yves Saint Laurent: stronger than its predecessor

Anyone who really loves “Libre” will love the “Intense” Eau de Parfum. The fragrance notes are slightly different, but still haunting {window.dataLayer.push({event: ‘link_click’, link_type: ‘extern’, link_url: ‘’})})()”>”Libre Intense”* Clearer. All it takes is one or two pumps to be enveloped in a drizzle of vanilla and tonka bean for the day. The name reveals: This fragrance is intense. And we mean it!

On perfume websites like Parfumo, the scent is valued for its long-lasting nature. Diffusion, that is, the scent trail that follows you after you spray, is above average. Some wearers enjoy the strong scent of lavender, while others find the vanilla more heady. Anyway, the sexy vanilla scent that catches the eye. Price reduction: 31 percent – 30 ml costs only 48.19 euros instead of 69.99 euros.

  • top noteNotes: mandarin, lavender and bergamot
  • Herznot: lavender, jasmine, orchid, Moroccan orange blossom
  • Basis: Madagascar-Vanilla, Ambra, Vetiver, venezolanische Tonkabohne Absolute

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What makes YSL perfumes so special?

Sweet floral Yves Saint Laurent perfumes amaze with an elegant bottle with gold accents, which looks lovely in a perfume wardrobe. Striking: Both fragrances have above-average durability on the skin. This means: He who perfumes himself in the morning should not spray again. As a result, even small bottles last a long time. This is easy on the wallet.

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Yves Saint Laurent: “Libre” and “Libre Intense” are cheaper than ever

In the world of perfume, you never know: Sharp cuts like those of these two fragrances can signal that fragrances will leave store shelves in due course. However, this is just a vague assumption by perfume lovers. So it pays to be quick. And also like this: Yves Saint Laurent’s delicious vanilla fragrances can serve as inspiration – especially at a bargain price.

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