Novalanalove: Realtalk! That’s Baby Nola’s routine

Great Q&A by Novalanil on Instagram

Farina Opoku aka Novalanil gave birth to her baby daughter Nola in August 2022. Since then, she’s been extremely happy in her role as a mom on Instagram. On Instagram, she reveals what it sometimes looks like behind the Insta facade in a Q&A and gives a comprehensive update. You can learn more here.

This is how Farina treats her baby Nola

On Instagram, Farina Opuku aka Novalanilu answers all her followers’ questions about her baby through a Q&A. He shows what future family planning is like and how he is with his daughter. Farina skips the question about siblings. “I’m still not sure how to share the attention I’m giving Nola,” admits the influencer. For him, another child is unthinkable at the moment.

Nola has her own parents and multiple babysitters

At least Farina has support from her loved ones in raising her. When asked who takes care of Nola when she is away in the evening, she says that in such cases it is her husband or mother-in-law. The housekeeper is also there to help so that the couple does not have to take care of everything on their own.

Here’s what Novalanil has to say about her mom’s daily routine on Instagram. Credit: novalanalove / Instagram via [M]

Daughter Nola will learn these languages

Since Farina’s husband Puja, DJ Yeezy, has Persian roots, Nola will grow up speaking several languages. “I speak German with him, Persian with my parents and my husband,” Farina answered the fans’ request in this regard.

Novalanalove Nola is learning these languages
Farina’s child will grow up speaking German and Persian. Credit: novalanalove / Instagram via [M]

These stars are still waiting for a generation in 2022.

Mama Farina has her troubles too

As happy as Farina is, things are not so good with her mother. The Cologne woman didn’t have blues after giving birth, but she cried from joy all the time. “I know I was afraid that I would feel like someone was putting a baby on my chest, and I have to love it now,” reveals the influencer. When asked if she is breastfeeding, she answers that she did not have enough milk after giving birth. “Then I did both for 1.5 months, and we got along pretty well with it,” Farina explains. But her baby now only gets the bottle because she has no patience for it anymore.

Novalana feelings of love after childbirth
This happened after Nola was born with Farina. Credit: novalanalove / Instagram via [M]

Sometimes chaos ensues with Farina

Speaking of patience. However, there are still times when Novalanil feels discouraged. Sometimes things are very messy with him despite all the help. She shares with her followers a funny video in which she shows her daughter crying and her dog Oreo howling at the same time.

Credits: novalanalove / Instagram

Novalanalove about maternal happiness. “I used to live in vain.”

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