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Influencer Novalanil has taken a hiatus in the Maldives after splitting from her husband DJ Jeezy. Why is he looking forward to going home now?

Cologne/Hadahaa (Maldives) – Fashion and beauty influencer Farina Opoku, aka Novalanil, announced her separation from husband DJ Jeezy in a public statement in late November. After the split, she shared with her community that she needed some time off to heal and grieve. He spent the holidays in the Maldives with his mother and daughter Nola.

born March 16, 1991 in Cologne
native name Farina Opoku
Profession: Influence of fashion and beauty
Size: 1.79 m

Novalanalove in the Maldives. “I’m looking forward to going home.”

After spending almost four weeks in the Maldives, Novalanil is looking forward to going home again. Following her public announcement, Farina shared with her community on Instagram that she needed time to process and heal her breakup with DJ Jeezy.

Now that his vacation is over, the influencer is looking ahead again. The day before he left, he shared on his Instagram story that he was now looking forward to going home. “It’s a nice thing and something that I appreciate a lot that I can and can be happy and not feel like running away or running away again, so I’m happy,” Farina says.

Novalana loves her last day in the Maldives. © Novalanalove/Instagram

Novalanalove. Worry about the journey home

The ten-hour night flight couldn’t have been more relaxed, Novalanalav tells his followers. But before going home, the woman from Cologne is worried. “This time the flight is longer and during the day, so let me surprise you. However, we are all so relaxed that nothing can shake us,” says Novalanilu.

The influencer thoroughly enjoyed his last few hours on the island. On Instagram, he shares that he has not yet gotten used to the beautiful surroundings. “Every time, I’m still beaming like I’m seeing it for the first time,” says Farina. (cloud). Fair and independent information about what is happening in NRW. subscribe to our free 24RHEIN newsletter here.

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