Many men find these women’s perfumes ineffective


Three alternatives that leave you wanting more

Many men find these women’s perfumes to be off-putting – which is better?

There are women’s perfumes that not many men can stand. Unfortunately, bestsellers are part of it.


Yes, they exist: women’s fragrances that not many men can ever stand and that quickly become real Dating the killer can become. It is not without reason that it is popularly said “I can’t smell youNothing beats the smell of a human being. However, if this is covered in an odor that is too intrusive, many meetings will fail.

In order not to fall into this trap, we will tell you which scents simply do not suit many men in the circle of our colleagues. But we also offer alternatives that will suit most men.

Many men do not like this female perfume: “Chanel No. 5” – a love killer?

This bestseller in particular, a masterpiece for fragrance lovers, is said to be unbearable for some men— „Chanel No. 5″, who has shined in the perfume industry since 1921. Marilyn Monroe’s women’s fragrance A Drop to Sleep that shines a spotlight in New York’s Museum of Modern Art with its signature bottle is a polarizing fragrance—but the fragrance remains a bestseller with cult status. 35 milliliters of the cost of perfume that. 70 euros.

Why do not many people like the smell? Ageing “Chanel No. 5”although it is solemn, but it smells like the smell of the twenties, and this is what makes the perfume for women suitable for many Novelty scent. ‘Chanel No. 5’ is different from { window.dataLayer.push( { event: ‘link_click’, link_type: ‘intern’, link_url: ‘ – behind -the-perfume-dupes-from-aldi-and-lidl-5031140.html ‘}})()”> Newly developed fragrances in recent years: flowery and powdery women’s perfume, bouquet of iris, lily of the valley, May rose and jasmine blend with vetiver Deep India and vanilla, the star of the fragrance is the aldehyde in the top note which smells slightly soapy, and the scent note is rarely found in newer perfumes as it can smell a bit stale.

Men’s and Grandmother’s Scents: Men often don’t like these scents

It is these fragrance notes that turned many away from “Chanel No. 5”. You can often read about it online, on perfume websites like Many people associate the scent with their mothers or grandmothers. Many women also do not dare to approach the scent. Connoisseurs of perfume contribute to this, who believe that perfume is only for elegant and elderly women of class.


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Alternative: What perfumes drive men crazy?

Apparently, women should avoid certain fragrances. But if you want to drive men crazy, you can take a closer look at the following women’s fragrances.

Viktor & Rolf “Bonbon”: a sweet, gummy magnet for men

Women’s perfume “Bonbon” by Viktor and Rolf It delivers what it promises: It smells like a sweet, chewy fruit candy. Like the peach, tangerine and orange multivitamin juice sweetened with decadent caramel sauce. The scent is creamy and long-lasting thanks to the notes of sandalwood and guaiac wood. Men who love fruity and caramel candies will adore the women wrapped in this fragrance.

  • Fragrance notes: peach, mandarin, orange, caramel, jasmine, orange blossom, amber, guaiac wood, sandalwood, cedar
  • Bryce: 59,95 euros

noticeThe fragrance contains amber to add depth to the luscious sweetness. However, the scent remains fresh, bright, and sugary.

Ariana Grande “Ari”: cotton candy on skin

“Ari” by Ariana Grande It looks sweet in the first place. Highlights include marshmallows and a handful of soft fruit. The delicious aroma makes you want more, it smells like blueberry pie or fruit yogurt. Men can’t keep their feet here.

  • Fragrance notes: Raspberry, Brine, Grapefruit, Vanilla Orchid, Lily-of-the-Valley, Rosebud, Miscellaneous, Woods, Musk
  • Bryce: 35.99 euros

Kayali “Utopia Vanilla Coco”: Vacation in a Bottle

If a scent brings joy, it’s the scent of vacation, sun, and the beach. “Coco’s Vanilla Utopia” von Kyali It spreads with the aroma of freshly blended pina colada. Coconut milk, lemon and vanilla give a feeling of comfort that makes men and women dream. Citrus notes make the fragrance particularly young and modern.

  • Fragrance notes: coconut milk, pear blossom, honeysuckle, lemon, jasmine, tuberose, ambrette, gardenia, bourbon vanilla, musk, sandalwood, patchouli
  • Bryce: 2795 euros

Fragrances for women that men find stupid: it’s all about taste

Don’t worry, many men can smell most perfumes very well. However, there are women’s perfumes that most men find instantly disgusting. However, of course the following applies: every woman must decide for herself which fragrance to wear on her skin, regardless of whether any man likes it or not. And if you can smell yourself well – even under perfume – you’ll also smell a little lovable on the person you’re talking to great!

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