Makeup tip: Over-dosing on eyeliner is a must

It’s not just catwalk fashion that’s getting more and more beautiful – it’s the same when it comes to beauty. “annoying” and “artistic” are no longer foreign words. Especially extravagant and creative now it can be done with eyeliner. Because it is called the makeup trend of the hour “negative space”this is one Eyeliner with creases.

But even if perfectly crafted cat eyes or flawless eyeliner will suffice for now: A little skill and a steady hand also needed for a new, almost smudged eyeliner. Our tip: Newbies to beauty grab it first Kajal, because it is easier to apply and correct than liquid eyeliner. But you can also choose black eye shadow Use a damp brush.

How to make negative spatial bias yourself? We have three great messy ideas and a great tip for you:

Eyeliner Idea I: Don’t line it up

The built-in eyeliner is especially dramatic many short strokes on the upper eyelid available (see image). All lines are working parallel to the lash line – only due to their different lengths, the appearance of beauty is created wild and graphic at the same time it works.

To make the makeup last, you need to apply kajal first Primer apply to the lid. Then draw many short strokes on top of each other along the eyelid, this is how it is created worn look. But be careful less thick in the center of the eyes apply, otherwise the eyeliner quickly becomes too dominant. they are nice heavy masking lashes.

Eyeliner Idea II: Fall off center

Due to this style, it is almost reminiscent of eye shadow makeup Eyeliner is as broad as possible here is drawn. Special: The The center of the lid remains free eyeliner and kajal, which has recently been seen on the catwalks of major designers.

Enter to drop off the center an eyeshadow brush as wide as possible in Gel Eye Liner and apply one broad line of makeup to the entire upper eyelid. In the middle, lift the brush briefly – this creates a gap in the eyeliner that still blends organically with the makeup.

Eyeliner Idea III: Custom eyeliner

There has to be some discipline, right? Then this cool look might be right for you: Beim Eye liner with pieces to be three eyeliners drawn around the eye – but as accurate and clean as possible.

First, apply makeup as usual to the curved line on the upper eyelid, which can be a little wider towards the end. On the lower eyelid, draw two lines about half a centimeter apart – a short, very thin line on the inner part of the eye and a slightly wider line on the outer corner of the eye. It should be perfectly combined with the eyeliner from the upper part of the eye.

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