Make up according to the eye shape

Emphasize deep set eyes

A slightly sunken eye can look interesting and is easy to wear. But if the eyes are too deep, it is worth trying to emphasize the eyes. To emphasize the crease of the eyelid, you need a light or bright eyeshadow. The cover flap is lightly trimmed. To do this, draw an eyeliner as close as possible to the lash line.

Optically lift the bent corners of the eyes

With bent corners of the eyes, the eye bends from top to bottom. Which quickly looks tired and sad. Therefore, it is a matter of optically drawing the eye upwards. Concealer plays a big role in this, it eliminates dark circles and small spots under the eyes. The drooping corners of the eyes are optimally hidden with dark eye shadow. Eye shadow should be applied to the outer corner of the eye and then gently pulled up and blurred to avoid harsh edges. The inner corner of the eye should remain without makeup. Next, a beautiful curved eyelid line is drawn with a kajal from the lower outer lid on the lower lash line. Then apply a lot of mascara on the upper and lower lashes, voluminous lashes distract from the sagging corners of the eyes.

Make small eyes bigger

A clear goal when applying makeup to small eyes: they should look bigger and brighter. First, you need to draw your eyebrows narrow enough, this opens up the eye and at the same time creates more space for the eyeshadow. To optically enlarge the eyes, choose light or bright eye shadows, which make the eyes brighter. It goes to the upper eyelid, under the eyebrow. Then apply a darker eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelid. To make the whites of the eyes look bigger, apply white kajal on the lower inner lid, add mascara and the eyes will look bigger. Don’t use dark eye shadow, kajal or eyeliner – it only makes the eyes look smaller.

Visually balance eyes that are far apart

One speaks of widely spaced eyes further away from the nose than the temples. This eye shape quickly makes the face appear wide and large. The goal is to apply make-up to the eyes in such a way that they are optically closer to the nose. Dark kajal in the inner part of the eye makes the distance appear smaller in a short time. To do this, apply a dark eye shadow all around the eye, staying slightly less from the bottom than the top. Then apply a lighter shade of shade directly under the eyebrow. Important: Do not draw both eyeshadows beyond the outer corner of the eye – this will visually make the eyes further apart. If necessary, you can apply eyeliner all around the eye, including the inner corner of the eye. Finally, rinse the lashes vigorously.

Continue to make up narrow eyes

If the eyes are narrow, the distance from the nose to the eyes is too small. It makes the face look small and rather strained. So the goal here is to make them visually further apart. Something should be plucked from the front of the eyebrows. First, highlight the inner corner of the eye with a light, preferably white or beige eye shadow. Then apply dark eyeshadow on the moving eyelid and upper eyelid. Let the eye shadow gently flow to the outer corner of the eye – it visually lengthens the eye. Eye liner is applied to the lower lash line. It emphasizes the outer part of the eye. Then apply a little thicker on the eyelashes above and below, preferably above and outside, so that the eyes are visually stretched a little more.

Fix droopy eyelids properly

We’re talking about drooping lids, when you can barely see the moving part of the lid because it “slides” under the overhanging top lid, making the look look tired. The goal is to make the eyes look bigger with the right makeup technique. To do this, apply a light eye shadow on the movable eyelid above the eyelashes. A darker tone on the upper eyelid and in the crease under the bones. The dark color causes the bent eyelid to visually recede. The eyeshadow on the lower eyelid and also on the outer corner should be slightly blurred. Finally, apply mascara on the upper lashes, this makes the eyes look bigger and optimally conceals the droopy eyelids.

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