Honey, you smell like a burger

Parvan burger

Burger King wants to entice its Japanese customers with the aroma of freshly grilled meat.

(Photo: Screenshot Burger King Japan Website)

Tokyo Slightly smokey and meaty at the end, with just a hint of fat – some people find this smell very pleasant. At least in a fast food restaurant. And while eating. On the other hand, very few people want to take the scent home with them. In Japan it looks different. The American fast food chain Burger King has now developed a fragrance with a touch of hamburger especially for the Asian market.

The bottle, called “Flame Grilled Fragrance,” will only be available April 1, according to the Wall Street Journal, and will be served with the chain’s most popular product, the whopper. Die-hard burger lovers will have to put 5,000 yen, or about 39 euros, on the table for water.

“It has such a delicious aroma,” a Burger King spokeswoman told the news site. She confirmed that this is not an April Fool’s joke and that the fragrance will go on sale in Japanese stores on April 1st. The advertising campaign aims to enable customers to enjoy the aroma of meat outside the burger joint.

On the Internet, the question is now circulating about which occasion is the best time to wear perfume. One Twitter user recommends “Eau de Whopper” specifically for his dog.

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This is not the first strange message from Burger King in Japan, except that in September 2014 the news broke that the fast food chain wanted to sell black burgers. It is visually striking, even if it is not very appetizing. Burger King also launched a fragrance seven years ago. The men’s fragrance appeared in the USA under the name Flame by BK and was supposed to smell like grilled meat. user Parfumo’s rating portals differOne tester didn’t notice the meaty smell at all, but rather noticed a very dominant scent of clove.

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