Fraud with Paypal, Facebook, KfW. Current tricks are explained

Cybercriminals make the Internet unsafe again. fake websites and payment tricks can cost victims a lot of money or their data. Distrust and caution often help identify scammers. But it is even safer to know their tricks.

Consumer advocates and the police are currently warning of scams affecting Paypal, the KfW development bank and Facebook. Anyone who falls for one of the traps should report it to the local police or through the respective state’s online police department. But to make sure it doesn’t go that far, here are three dangers at a glance:

1. Paypal phishing with “payment problems”

On classifieds sites, scammers pretend to be interested in buying an item, pretend to have payment problems, and then ask for the purchase price, including multiple shipping costs. supposed to have sent a new paypal service.

They then send a link created by PayPal that contains the fictitious “buyer’s” name. It is noted that the link may require money.

You should not click on it, but end the contact, advises consumer protection portal “Watchlist Internet”.

Because whoever clicks the link lands on one fake paypal website, on which payment service login details and also SMS confirmation codes are captured from PayPal. If you continue here and follow the instructions, you will lose money.

2. KfW phishing. This funding program does not exist

Fraudsters misuse the name of the KfW Development Bank and advertise in fake emails a “special support program ISFP-01”, which aims to protect against future cost increases due to inflation.

If you click the “Apply Now” button in the email, you will be taken to a professionally designed page that looks deceptively similar to the KfW page. warns Lower Saxony Criminal Police Office (LKA).

Wrong. many links on fake page directly to the actual KfW website, including a printed link. However, the addresses of the fake (“kfwfoerderprogramm-portal-start-id…com”) differ greatly from the addresses of the real KfW website (““).

Anyone who continues the fake application process will eventually land on a form where they enter the information the criminals want. Name, address, phone number, ID card number, bank name.

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3. Be careful when buying concert tickets through Facebook

Facebook is a popular marketplace concert tickets, especially for already sold out events. The willingness of many fans to pay high prices for rare cards is inviting criminals into action.

Scammers are everywhere you look for maps on Facebook. warns “Watchlist Internet”. in the event’s discussion forum, in the comments below, in the marketplace, or in special concert ticket groups.

Back Fake profile comment on criminal records with inquiries or post ticket offers. According to reports, scammers often send a copy of their ID to instill confidence. But this applies copies of stolen ID cards third party

In return, the purported sellers also ask for a copy of your ID. The following applies here. Never send a copy of your own ID. This is misused by criminals for subsequent scams.

In some cases, according to reports, only half of the ticket price is required in advance, plus a copy of the identity document as a guarantee. The following applies here. Never transfer money or pay with Paypal’s “send money to friends and family” feature. In both cases, the money is gone if the sellers are found to be scammers.

how is it better One is the safest personal delivery, advise consumer advocates. If that doesn’t work, you should look carefully at the Facebook profile of the person who sold the card and pay via Paypal, for example “Send money for goods and services”, because buyer protection works here – the event of problems:

And you should also pay attention to the ticket itself. it is better not to buy e-tickets from third parties that you print yourself. There is a risk that they have been printed more than once.

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