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Office, school, home office. In everyday life, many people spend most of their time sitting. But sitting for a long time causes many complaints and clinical pictures. Experts explain why and what can be done.

Many people in Germany spend too much time sitting during the day and therefore suffer from a lack of physical exercise. This not only leads to wrong position and painbut also favors Lack of concentration, fatigue and diabetes and damages our immune system, according to sports psychologist Jana Strahler and personal trainer Francisca Peno. relative to time.

On the other hand, regular exercise and sports activities will have different positive effects on a person’s well-being and health. That’s what people are, according to Strahler also mentally more productive, if they exercise regularly. This may be due to the fact that the brain receives a better blood supply through exercise and possibly forms new nerve cells and connections as a result. According to a scientific journal, brain researchers aren’t sure Quarks.

In order to benefit from these positive effects and prevent lack of exercise, personal trainer Peno recommends, among other things: Fixed sports programs with realistic goals settle and also move regularly in office daily life and sitting.

Sitting for a long time. That’s why it’s so harmful

Adults in Germany sit for an average of 8.5 hours a day DKV report from 2021. According to sports scientist Ingo Froboes, this is clearly excessive. from the front Deutschlandfunk Nova: he already explains that one Expect health consequences from 4.5 hours of sitting time required. After this limit, you can no longer compensate for the damage the sitter has already done to your body through movement.

According to Penno, sitting for long periods of time often leads to poor posture. As a result, the so-called fascia, i.e. the connective tissue structures, can stick or harden. The result is pain and tension.

-In comparison with MDR: Sports expert Froboes also notes that sitting for long periods of time increases the risk cardiovascular and cancer diseases raised. Because the metabolism changes as a result of sitting for long periods of time, many people’s muscles will break down. However, muscles are the “metabolic powerhouse” of the body, so their absence affects the entire body.

Also stress and psychological disorders may occur more easily in the absence of physical exercise; Froboes explains that the imbalance occurs because many people do a lot every day cognitively but not physically. This can cause stress and mental disorders.

Bernd Kladny, chief physician in orthopedics and trauma surgery, explains at Deutschlandfunk-Nova that lack of exercise, in particular: damages the back, muscles and joints. Because joint cartilage depends on movement. Only then do they absorb nutrients from the synovial fluid. If this does not happen, the cartilage becomes porous and joint pains occur. According to the specialist, intervertebral discs can also be affected and in turn lead to back pain.

Sports and gymnastics. many health benefits

Regular exercise is not only good for physical health. It University of Freiburg, whose research is carried out by sports psychologist Jana Strahler, explains that a large number of studies show that people can cope with stress better through regular exercise. According to Strahler, this is due to the so-called stress buffering effect. This means that physically active people produce less of the stress hormone cortisol.

The sports psychologist also emphasizes that regular training also resolve fears and interrupt negative thoughts can. Even one sports unit can have an antidepressant effect.

Professor RĂ¼diger Rier, Secretary General of the Association of German Sports Physicians, explains Quarksthat the cardiovascular system also benefits, especially from endurance sports. Regular exercise can regulate blood pressure and prevent it blood fat accumulated in blood vessels. This significantly reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke, says Reer. Strength training also has a positive effect on muscle strength and stabilizes the body’s supporting tissue.

How and when? tips for more sports and exercise in everyday life

Personal trainer Peno recommends regular exercise Sports scores as fixed dates View: These should be marked on the calendar as such. It can also help to wear sports clothes to work or meet others to play sports. Because it makes it harder to spontaneously decide against the sport.

According to sports psychologist Strahler, however, it is important realistic sports programs and goals to develop For example, if exercise is too strenuous or too long, people are less likely to do it regularly. After about 30 days of regular training, however, a normal routine has already begun. Then it is much easier to overcome sports.

When planning a workout, Strahler recommends using a mix of short, intense strength sessions and longer, moderately intense workouts. So shorter workouts that promote muscle strength and coordination can easily be integrated throughout the day. However, endurance training should not be forgotten. However, it usually takes a little longer. If you want to train especially gently, you can go Pilates or yoga Fall back.

Penno advises about sports unit every two to three days a plan that should take about 45 minutes. According to the personal trainer, however, it is also important to exercise in everyday office life. He recommends getting up regularly, walking a few steps and stretching. You should also prefer walking or cycling to work remove – if possible. And the stairs are preferable to the elevator. Finally, it is also important to regularly change your posture while sitting and not stay in one position for too long.

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