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If the eyelid turns red, suddenly swells and hurts, the cause may be stye. © AOK Media Service/Jochen Tack

Small bumps on the edge of the eyelid itch uncomfortably, sometimes really hurt. But above all, one thing is required against a barley: patience.

  • barley grains itches and looks like annoying pimples*.
  • Many want them perforation inflammationbut you have to let it penetrate.
  • How to heal someone Barley corn (Hordeolum) correct.

Whoever had it Gerstenkorn there was, he knows: it is uncomfortable and painful. At first it is a small point, then it turns into a painful blister: on the stye Eye looks like acne – Express but usually you can’t – and you shouldn’t.

Barley grains (hordeolum): This is how troublesome inflammations develop

barley grainsamong medical professionals as well Hordeolum is called, arises on the edge or inside eyelid. Sweat and oil glands are located there. reach bacteria in the glands, these can be inflammation. This happens, for example, if you often rub your eyes with your fingers and the relevant pathogens are present on your hands. You can also spread the bacteria on the barley grain with your hands and infect other people with it. To prevent this from happening, you should wash your hands regularly and not think too often, advises Article from AOK website.

A distinction is made between internal and external barley grains. Created by a foreigner inflammation sweat and sebaceous glands eyelid. Inflammation on the inner edge of the lid also occurs more rarely. It cannot be confused Hailstones. It may seem similar at first glance, but it is chronic inflammation and does not last bacteria is attributed. Therefore, hailstones are not contagious, usually not very painful and do not fester. This is usually caused by a blockage of the duct of the gland.

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Never pierce barley grains yourself: this is how inflammation heals properly

“You often try to squeeze the affected area. However, this may be the reason inflammation spread further and for example the other Eye is affected. So the most important rule is to keep your hands away Gerstenkorn“, says Anja Debrodt, doctor of the AOK federal association.

Instead, sufferers need a little patience inflammation. “It usually heals barley grains Prof. Hans Mittelviefhaus explains, eye specialist From Freiburg University Hospital to the German Press Agency. However, this may take several weeks. Why do patients do this? It is better to let the barley heal on its own must also report 24vita.de*.

Supporting it helps ophthalmologist clean the eyelids with clean water and temporarily stop using cosmetics. Warm compresses and subsequent eyelid massage are also helpful. If you don’t want to buy special eye masks at the pharmacy, you can also sit in front of a red light. However, moist compresses such as tea bags or porridge pillows are often recommended as an adjunct. “However, moisture softens the skin and can further spread pathogens. That’s why hot, moist compresses are pretty useless,” Debrodt said. He also recommends red light bulb.

“Heat liquefies the glandular secretion so it can drain better,” explains Mittelviefhaus. In addition, heat stimulates blood circulation inflammation heals faster.

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Will the stye not heal on its own? See an ophthalmologist

To prevent the spread of infection a ophthalmologist Besides antibiotic ointments or prescribe eye drops. It opens Gerstenkorn not on its own and relieves pain from pressure Hordeolum In addition, it should be opened by an ophthalmologist under local anesthesia. It is very important that you entrust such interventions to a specialist doctor and not to do it yourself. The doctor can rarely recognize that it is not a stye at all, but a small tumor that needs to be treated surgically. quickly.

Fight more often barley grains Behind this may be a weakened immune system or diseases such as diabetes mellitus. Therefore, it should be clarified by the doctor in any case. So one Gerstenkorn Even underdeveloped, there are some preventive measures, Dr. Debrodt says: “Permanently wash your hands and do not touch your eyes with dirty hands. This is especially true for contact lens wearers. Not too strong when removing makeup Eyes to rub And with children, you should make sure that they always wash their hands after playing outside. (nh/dpa) * Merkur.de and 24vita.de are an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.

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