Caren Miosga shows Tagesschau spokeswoman Linda Zervakis something “no one else can do.”

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Tagesschau spokeswoman Linda Zervakis (left) and ARD colleague Carmen Miosga put on an unusual performance on Instagram. © Screenshot Instagram/Linda Zervakis

His ARD colleague, Tagesschau spokeswoman Linda Zervakis, was shocked by his unusual display. He shows him something that “no one else can do.”

  • Tagesschau spokeswoman Linda Zervakis shares a video with her ARD colleague Caren Miosga on Instagram.
  • Miosga surprises with his extraordinary “talent” in the clip.
  • The show is well received by the audience – the reactions are clear.

Hamburg – Not only at 8 o’clock daily news booth news anchor Linda Zervakis in front of the camera. And on it Instagram-Account The 45-year-old regularly shows off — and sometimes presents herself a little less seriously. For example, on December 24, 2020, he made a special joke.

In the blink of an eye – literally – it’s also the latter Video von Linda Zervakis to see what they share with him ARD– My colleague Caren Miosga shows. Also Miosga, moderator daily topics does not take himself too seriously in the short clip.

Tagesschau spokeswoman Linda Zervakis (ARD): Lachflash with colleague Caren Miosga on Instagram

Right at the beginning Videos there are two presentersShowcasing themselves in top style and wearing chic black blazers, beaming with laughter. “We just worked. I really have nothing to say,” he says Karen Miosga. “Shall I show you what no one else can do?” he adds Linda Zervakis he added deftly. “Oh God, I’m scared,” he replies colleague after.

It starts right away Miska with their extraordinary performances. “I can do it Eye fold like this” he says and lets inside eyelid fall down Beats in the background Linda Zervakis hand in front of mouth. “Most people do,” he says Miska and closes his eyes again – but this time, as usual, the lid is wrinkled. “How is that?” he asks colleague admire the background.

Miska now he is showing his “trick” with the other one eyelid – and both women start laughing again. The ARD presenters therefore lowering of the eyelid by the way, it’s a matter of experience. “Practice, practice, practice!” Both call out to the camera before going short Clip on Instagram finish

ARD Tagesschau spokeswoman Linda Zervakis on Instagram: The reactions to the video with Carmen Miosga are clear

“Today, Caren will show you what no one else can. I’m still in awe!!!” writes Linda Zervakis In addition to Video. In addition, he adds Hashtag “never seen before”. next to him followers it seems Placement good to go anyway. “You two are so beautiful,” one comment said.

Tagesschau spokeswoman Linda Zervakis can be seen on the left, her ARD colleague Carmen Miosga on the right lowering her eyelid.
Something that “no one can do”? Carmen Miosga (right) shows off her special talent. © Screenshot Instagram/Linda Zervakis

There will be many spectators eyelid test probably tried in front of the mirror too. Write a few “I can do that too” posts Follower. Other Commentator it is briefly expressed as follows: “Let’s turn a blind eye to it.” (there is none)

In general, the spokesman for the Tagesschau Linda Zervakis always good for a surprise. She also celebrated a special day at work and wore an unusual outfit under the ARD desk.

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