4 white dots: attract people with this makeup trick

Sometimes we all feel like we’re barely paying attention. Whether it’s at work, ordering at a restaurant, or sometimes from your partner. About it Makeup Hack just swears by the makeup world TikTok. We’ll show you how!

Makeup trick: Here’s how the four white dot trick works

We all had a moment where we feel invisible. At the bar when we tried to pay. When we called in class and we just couldn’t pass, or at work. TikTok there is a solution to this: from the end of last year many user tricks on white dots. be here four white dots around the eye set. It was supposed to attract people almost magically because the trick is to highlight our eyes. User Soy milk is better check if the hack really works.

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Here’s how you use the trick

Basically, the trick is so simple that anyone can use it. Apply your makeup as you normally would.

Then you take one white eyeliner and determines the first point inside the eye is next to the tear sac. The you place the other diagonally on the first point on the outer side of your eyelid.

The On your upper eyelid, you set the third point directly on the lash line midway between the other two points. perpendicular to this point you put last point am bottom cover.

Since the trick is so simple, you can use it instead of other eyeliners to bring some attention to your eyes.

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